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AESA- A Huge Leap Forward in Radar Technology

Development of radars based on AESA technology has substantially enhanced the operational capabilities of surveillance radars and developed countries use them in their airborne & surveillance systems. The author elaborates way forward for India.

Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA) are considered a phased array system, which consists...

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Self Reliance: A Pipe Dream?

India increasing share of global defence import despite rhetoric of Self Reliance is a cause of concern. A large capability gap exists in the technology and equipment held by defence forces produced indigenously vis-a vis what is needed.

Way back in early 2000, the Kelkar...

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Make-II Makes a Move

By Team Q-Tech 

The Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) in collaboration with CII is conducted the Indian Army MAKE Seminar 2018 at the behest of the Indian Army on Monday, 29 October 2018.  The Key speakers were Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary (DP), Lt Gen Devraj Anbu Vice Chief of...

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Changing Contours of Internal Security

By Team Q-Tech

The Contours of Internal Security are getting more complex and some of the factors are undesirable developments, which have a grave potential and biggest concern directly affecting national security.

The Challenge

The contours of Internal Security are getting more complex with exploitation of...

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India-Russia Military Partnership: A Shared Vision

By Team Q-Tech 

Russia will continue to be one of the biggest suppliers of defence equipment and technology for India as a major share of defence equipment in the Indian inventory are of Russian origin. The military operational and logistics imperatives will drive India to continue importing defence equipment and hardware from...
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Need for Focusing on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a transformative technology that has tremendous applications in the social, economic and military fields. The advances in AI provide impetus to India to make AI a critical element of India's National Security Strategy.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous futuristic applications...

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Rafale Deal and Offset Obligations

The offset obligations of the OEMs will assist in creating an eco-system supporting indigenous capabilities through manufacturing skill sets, processes, technology, integration and test techniques into the private sector  and thus be part of  Global supply chain.

The Rafale fighter jets deal has offset contracts worth at...

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