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India-Russia Military Partnership: A Shared Vision

By Team Q-Tech 

Russia will continue to be one of the biggest suppliers of defence equipment and technology for India as a major share of defence equipment in the Indian inventory are of Russian origin. The military operational and logistics imperatives will drive India to continue importing defence equipment and hardware from...
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Indo-US Co-operation

The growing convergence of American and Indian defense interests due to geo-strategic and economic reasons is a security imperative and has led to growth in US-India defense co-operation and trade. Over the past decade, the Indo-US defence relationship has been witnessing a rapid transformation and expansion in different...
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Indo-French relationship is on high trajectory. The recent visit of French President and planned cooperation in myriad areas including defence will revitalise the synergy between two nations.

The recent visit of French President to India witnessed cooperation in...

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India is looking to strengthen its relation with other countries for defence cooperation. It includes many dimensions such as the sale, purchase and joint development, ToT, intelligence sharing and coordination for counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation. The recent visits by Prime Minister and Defence Minister are the...

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The Indo-Israel relation go beyond military relations. Currently Israel is the third largest supplier of defence items to India. However, looking at the defence contracts in pipeline, it is gearing to be the top supplier for Indian requirement for defence weapons and...

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The Strategic Partnership with foreign countries would assist India to improve its relationships - diplomatically and politically, additionally, it will facilitate Indian companies to become a part of global supply chain.

India has been the leading global arms importer in recent years. The major...

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