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Issues in Reckoning Indigenous Content in Defence Procurement

The objective of Indigenous contents and Value addition  in Offset in  the procurement procedure  is undoubtedly more important from the point of view of strategic autonomy that the technologies that go into manufacturing of defence equipment are indigenous.

The Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 (DPP 2016) lays a...

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Private Sector Participation in Defence Procurement: A Reality Check

'Make in India' in Defence production has not taken off for myriad reasons. Given the pace at which things are moving, the ability of the government to navigate through the Indian business environment by streamlining the defense procurement procedures and facilitation of the private sector on fair competitive...
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Strategic Partnership Inching Forward

With the issue of second RFI under SP model the Process has inched a bit. The model can  build a formidable indigenous defence industry provided MoD streamlining the issues concerned with the process.

The Strategic Partnership policy laying down the qualification criteria with the financial and technical parameters for selection of OEM and Indian...

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Small Arms Procurement

The irony is, despite in house requirement and assured orders, the design and production agencies have not been able to meet the Forces huge requirement of small arms, which has resulted in India spending billions of dollars on Small Arms import.

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Boosting Indigenisation in Defence

MoD has claimed a major boost to indigenisation in Defence, where in Engine Factory Avadi (EFA) Chennai a part of Ordanace Factory Board has successfully indigenised parts of Engines of Main Battle Tanks T-72 & T-90 being produced under license from Russia.  These  Engines were developed by Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, Ukraine and the...

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A draft Task Sheet for the Defence Planning Committee (DPC)

The Defence Planning Committee need to facilitate an institutional arrangement that integrates the various stake holders defence production and procurement to correct the existing eco system. The author deliberates...

Following up on its earlier attempt at establishing a Defence Planning Body in 1977 which did not achieve...

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Intellectual Property Rights & Defence Production

IPR plays key role in almost every sector and has become a crucial factor for investment decisions by many companies as it protects the investment in the development of new technology and means to finance research and development activities. The author dwells on the importance of IPR in...
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“Make” Procedure in Reverse Circles

Delayed implementation of “Make” procedure to ensure participation of Indian private industries in defence production and frequent changes has denied the country, the critical technologies and has stalled the indigenization process. The author elaborates the overall impact of this delay and request changes.
The Indian MoD took a rather...
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Defence Procurement: A Reality Check

The delays in Defence Procurement are hindering the military's modernisation. The MoD needs to speed up decision making, de-layer approval stages, eliminate repetitive process steps, bring in real level playing field, to unleash and promote indigenization and to reduce the import.
The admission in Government circles few months back...
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