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Our compliment on MKU emerging as shining example in Indian Defence SME segment through pioneer leadership in survivability through personal and platform protection, beside Night Vision Technology. MKU's latest patented technology MoST and Generation 6 PolyShield V6 armouring technology to build up to 40% lighter and thinner armour panels to protect the helicopter...

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Till recent past focus of Indian Defence Acquisition programmes had been acquiring combat capability and not broader aspect of strategic imperative for long-term self-reliance by acquiring industrial capability to manufacture and resuscitate systems over a life cycle. For Geopolitical and economic reasons, we...

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MOD Likely to Audit BMD Programme

MoD has directed DRDO for the early completion   of BMD missile programme which is running behind the schedule. It is considering to carry out an audit of DRDO claims about the performance of the tests. The delay in the Development has constrained India to consider $5 billion purchase of S-400 air defense systems...

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Russia’s T-50 First Flight

Russia is developing Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) SukhoiPAK-FAT-50, as a competitor to US F-22. The aircraft is capable of top speed of 1,516MPH (2,440kmh) and effective range of 3,418 miles. Russia has assured FGFA program with India would be a ‘completely new aircraft’ and is not linked to their own new generation fighter. Read more

First Consignment of M-777

The BAE system has started delivery M-777 155mm/39-calibre ultra-light howitzers with 2 Guns landed on 18 May, 2017. These will be taken to the Pokhran ranges for testing and compilation of the firing tables for subsequent use. As per deal, 25 guns will be imported, the rest 120 will be assembled in India...

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ISRO to Launch Three Satellites

ISRO is going to launch three communication satellites GSAT-19, GSAT-11 and GSAT-20 in the next 18 months high-speed of 1GB internet in India. These satellites will reinforce India’s technological capability and will help the government and private businesses to take certain services like banks, ATMs, reservation systems and mobile and television networks to...

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Naval Air Station at Andaman

The Government is planning for the expansion of naval air station at Andaman and Nicobar islands. The project besides strengthening India’s security and surveillance capabilities over the northern group of islands in Andaman, it is expected a boost to infrastructure, as it is situated at the world’s busiest shipping route Malacca Strait. Read more

IIT -Bombay Develops TI Device

With funding from DRDO, IIT- Bombay has produced a Thermal Imaging device which can be used for a range of applications such as night vision, surveillance and on telescopes mounted on rifles or tanks. Going beyond military and security operations it can be used in the medical field for the detection of cancers....

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Navantia Offer S-80 class Submarine

Navantia has offered to design Spanish S-80 under Project-75I with advanced open architecture design for fire control suites which will allow India to configure Indian weapons systems like Cruise missiles and Torpedos easily into them. Navantia has tied up with Lockheed Martin of the USA which will also allow India to source missiles...

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