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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Indian Defence Simulation and Training Market

The defence simulation and training market is a growing and increasingly significant sector in the defence industry. Simulated training is the most cost and time effective methodology for training in system use and maintenance. This actually creates a realistic surrounding to generate near real responses to various situations as well as handling of...

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Indian SA Inventory: Needs Modern & Homogeneous Weapons

Indian Defence forces are still using the small arms based on designs from the 1950s or earlier designs, with the most prominent exception of the INSAS family based on the 65-year-old Kalashnikov design. The design and production agencies have not been able to meet the forces huge requirement, which has resulted in India...

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Creating Capability: Main Battle Tank (MBT)

The contemporary technology development leads to rapid obsolescence, making it difficult to maintain the capability to produce a comprehensive range of weapons independently. The author deliberates the issue related to the Indian defence industrial base.

India is one of the largest importers of defence equipment, despite having a fairly large defence industrial...

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Achieveing Self Reliance in Ammunition

The holding of ammunition in the Indian Army specially the tank ammunition has reached a low.  This is a cause of concern and the Govt needs to take immediate steps to make up the shortfall. The author examines the reason for the shortfall and suggested measures.

A recent media report has pointed...

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Need for Quality Evaluation of Ammunition during Shelf Life

The ammunition has an assigned shelf life which depends on its design and chemistry of propellants / explosives used, and is prone to deterioration / decomposition even under normal storage conditions. The author highlights the need for shelf life assessment…

For a Weapon system the serviceable ammunition logistic and operations costs comprise...

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FDI Policy 2014: No Game Changer for the Defence Sector

The cumulative inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the defence sector in India from April 2000 till the end of February 2014 was a paltry INR 24.36 crore (US$ 4.94 m). The amount is so insignificant that in percentage terms it does not make up for even 0.01 per cent of the...

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