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For any successful procurement, a solid grip on the DPP is a-priori. Unlike the conventional trials in own country, trials abroad are a challenge as there is no chance of re-trial, re-re-trial and confirmatory trial, thus selection of MDTD becomes very important. The author from his personal experience explains how to do this right, the way forward...

The permission to carry out 'Trials Abroad' is an uncommon approval given by the DAC/DPB in procurement cases. Why uncommon? For many good reasons:-

  • Trials abroad are a very complex experience with minimal precedent success rate.
  • Experience has it that however comprehensive the composition of the Trial Team and however exhaustive the Trial Directive may be, the trial team comes back with some untested/un-evaluated serial of Trial Directive resulting in the entire vendor vertical being declared Non Complaint (NC). For want of a 'proverbial needle', the entire machine gets to be junked.
  • There are issues related to the level-playing field, when different countries, different equipments and different trial scenarios are involved.
  • Each and everything in its entirety (Main Trial, MET, QA, Documentation, and Certification for a host of pre-trial evaluated features/Waivers if any) must fit in the rigid window of stay in the foreign country. There is no chance of revisit at a later date
  • The general wisdom in the procurement domain is, 'trial abroad' is best avoided.


 (The author is the Ex-Director General of Army Air Defence. The views expressed in this article are those of the author in his personal capacity. These do not have any official endorsement.)

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