Ministry of Defence (Vigilance) has put the details of firms debarred/put on hold/suspended etc from doing business with MoD, on their website https://mod.gov.in/. The same is reproduced for information of Indian defence industry.


Debarred Firms

  • M/s Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (STK)
  • M/s Israel Military Industries Ltd (IMI)
  • M/s T.S. Kisan& Co. Pvt Lt., New Delhi
  • M/s R.K. Machine Tools Ltd., Ludhiana.
  • M/s Rheinmetall Air Defence (RAD), Zurich.
  • M.s Corporation Defence, Russia.


Put on hold/Suspended firms

  • M/s Denal, South Africa
  • M/s Agusta Westland International Ltd, U.K.
  • M/s Leonardo S.p.A (Erstwhile M/s Finmeccanica, Italy and its group of companies, including subsidiaries and affiliates).
  • M/s IDS, Tunisia.
  • M/s Infotech Design Systesm (IDS), Mauitius.
  • M/s IDS Infotech Ltd, Mohali
  • M/s Areomatrix info. Solution Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh.
  • M/s Shanx Oceaneering.
  • M/s Inter Spiro India Pvt Ltd.
  • M/s Experts Systems
  • M/s Unitech Enterprises
  • M/s Kelvin Engineering
  • Atlas group of companies including M/s Altas Telecom and M/s Atlas Defence services


Restricted Procurement from firms

  • M/s Rolls Royce and its allied & subsidiaries companies.
  • M/s Tatra Trucks a.s. of Czech Republic
  • M/sRafael and M/s IAI, Israel
  • M/s Rafael and M/s IAI, Israel


Article published in Magazine issue “Mar-Apr 2018 “

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